Learn To Fly

Learn to fly is a very addictive casual flying game.  You will help a little penguin who wants to learn to fly, stay away from the ground and fly as high as possible.  Because it can make it get better results, get the capital to upgrade flight equipment and learn to fly better.

Learn to fly’s game operations

In Learn to operate, the flying angle of penguins is controlled by left and right arrows.  Mouse buttons can perform all other activities.

Learn to fly game content

You will be here to help the little penguin fulfil its dream of flying.  In the process of flight, doomed is not simple;  If you want to fly farther and higher, you need to improve from all aspects.  After each trip, the system will evaluate the penguin’s flight status in all aspects, and then reward them with gold coins.  The gold coins can help to purchase and upgrade the flight equipment here.

Learn to fly’s game features

Learn to fly is rich in operating devices;  Secondly, you need more challenges and then accumulate gold coins before you can purchase materials.  Because the better the invention, the more gold medals it needs, to achieve better results.

Do you like toys and challenging games?  Then Learn to fly;Help a little penguin learn to fly, each flight can get the corresponding gold coins, and gold coins can help you buy high-end materials to assist trip, can let you fly higher and farther;  Or choose to go back to Man 2 and play a full-blown football match online to simulate the real football field and the audience cheering for your goal, which can make you genuinely integrate into it.

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